Grooming Transfurmations 

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About Melanie;


 Melanie officially started her grooming career October 2010 when she quit her full time job at Frost Pontiac, Buick, Cadillac, G.M.C. to attend B-Pro Grooming Academy where she learned and perfected techniques associated with grooming such as brushing, bathing, shaving/clipper work, scissoring and nail trimming. She has always lived with dogs and cats. Melanie also learned to ride horses when she was younger and worked in the barn mucking out stalls, feeding and performing any other duties needed to be done on any given day.  


          In 2004 she was introduced to the sporting world of flyball thanks to a fellow vet clinic co-worker and friend. In the process of being taught the sport she realized there was so much more to learn and enrolled her dogs into obedience classes and started to train her dogs to do tricks. You can still catch her on the racing lanes with Pretty Darn Quick Flyball Team with her three dogs Bear, Riley and Taylus (her little Aussie rescued from Border Collie Rescue Ontario). Even though they have not attended a training school in a while you can still find her attending seminars (both grooming and training), networking with trainers/friends or you can find her working on one thing or another when out and about with the pups. 


        Melanie is the eldest of 2 girls and wears her heart on her sleeve. In her spare time you can find Melanie participating in sports and activities such as softball, bowling, skating/hockey and let’s not forget fishing whenever she gets a chance with her 2 legged friends.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
― Mahatma Gandi